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Prince Edward Trail Riders Snowmobile Club
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These conditions apply to the general condition of all of the trails in Prince Edward County

January 9/08
Our trails are open effective Thursday, January 8th, 2009.  Trail conditions are limited so ride with caution!  For addition trail status information, go to
Please remember to respect landowner commitments and stay off private property with other recreational vehicles unless you have specific permission to trespass.  We don't want to jeopardize next season's access.
General Disclaimer:

The Trail Conditions posted here are for general information only and do not necessarily reflect the Trail Conditions at the time of your ride. Trail conditions are gathered from club volunteers and are valid only at the time of their observation. Their observations may not meet your expectations and conditions may vary from the time of posting. Trail Conditions may vary with the temperature, snow conditions, type of terrain and usage. Please exercise caution at all times and be prepared for the unexpected. Remember that the snowmobile trail is providing you with an off road experience. An off road experience indicates trails are not to a particular standard and are provided for the user's enjoyment.  The clubs post signs for your convenience and there is no guarantee that they will be there at any given time due to wind, rain and storms plus vandalism. 

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